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Hollywood And The New Racism

O'Farrell said previous city attempts to regulate them proved unsuccessful after the city was sued for violating their constitutional rights. But O'Farrell said he hopes to send a message to everyone who works Hollywood Boulevard. "It's important for us to raise the standards," he said. "It's about time. The people deserve this." As O'Farrell was conducting his tour, a CD vendor got into a scuffle with a TV news reporter. <br>Source:,0,3448136.story?track=rss

(Credit: Reverence Gospel Media) Regarding her participation in the film, co-star Adrienne Bailon said, To do a film with such an incredible message that your past doesnt determine your future, meant so much to me. I cant wait for people to see it and leave feeling inspired. Baldwin sees faith-based projects like this one to be on the upsurge right now, leading to additional work for the actor. I was just offered my own reality show based on my family, my faith-based activities and my life. The producers kim kardashian shoe club said that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon because Christianity has become cool because of Mark Burnetts The Bible series on the History Channel. Baldwin continued, I think what we are about to see in the next three to five years, Baldwin continued, is many of the studios and networks understanding that the market of faith-based consumers are going to respond to content geared towards them as long as it is made with excellent production values that can compete with what mainstream Hollywood has to offer. Competing with Hollywood was part of Molinas plan all along. In addition, to transform his screenplay into a film required a characteristic that he says is key to making a film or to succeed at any endeavor: Hustle. <br>Source:

The device, a Blu-ray player with a 1-terabyte hard drive, could be available for the 2015 holiday season, Mike Dunn , president of 21st Century Fox Inc. (FOXA) s home entertainment division, said today at a consumer electronics conference in Los Angeles. Studios are seeking to work more closely with consumer electronics companies to stoke demand for so-called ultra high-definition video, which provides an even sharper picture than current technology. Such a player would give viewers the ability to move files between devices, as well as buy, download and watch 66-gigabyte, next-generation video files, Dunn said. The studios and C-E industry are already in discussions, Dunn said. Im here to give a little nudge. Fox, owner of the Twentieth Century Fox film studio and Twentieth Television studio, rose 0.4 percent to $34.40 at the close in New York . <br>Source:

Those sales lag North America's $10.8 billion last year but PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts the box office in the world's most populous nation will hit $5.5 billion by 2017. China has about 15,000 movie screens now and builds five to 10 each day. Yang, who helped Disney adapt "High School Musical" for a Chinese audience, said U.S. studios are taking mostly "defensive measures" to avoid alienating an increasingly important market but should start to think bigger. "How about actually creating something that is appealing for the Chinese and also for the global market? I believe it's possible," said New York-born Yang. LACK OF EXPOSURE Part of the shift in the Chinese attention to domestic films comes down to big improvements in story lines and production. <br>Source:

Solve the problem? Ease racial tensions? No... to reiterate the fact Obama has changed nothing, and to remind us of how we're supposed to behave. That's why these films are appearing now in such numbers. They're a confession that the agenda is not working. An attempt to press the see here reset button to return the status quo to where it was before Obama was elected. <br>Source:

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Ray J To Debut Song About Having Sex With Floyd Mayweather’s Gir

Houston, who was 48 when she died, Kim Kardashian tape was found in the bathtub in a Beverly Hills hotel room suite. An investigation concluded that the singer's death was an accidental drowning as a result of heart disease and cocaine abuse. As police officials and paramedics rushed into the hotel to examine the scene, Ray J waited outside the room. From his spot outside the suite, Ray J reportedly heard a "disrespectful comment" made followed by raucous laughter, according to TMZ. <br>Visit:

'Everybodys going this way with it,' the record producer tried to explain, gesturing one way, while then saying 'Im going this way with it,' and gesturing the other way. Holding on: The rapper lays claim to a home former love in the song, stating, 'she belongs in my bed' The 32-year-old rapper released a video on Monday for his crude single I Hit It First that prominently features a Kim lookalike amid provocative scenarios. Ray J and Kim gained notoriety in 2007 when a sex tape they filmed in 2003 became public. In his video, Ray J made mention of the sex tape, as well as Kim's fiance Kanye West and her ex-husband Kris Humphries and former boyfriend Reggie Bush. <br>Visit:

His mother's a banker, his father's a stock broker and he's making $5 million a show. Why the f**k then does he have a Nivana Inc. credit card and I don't? And last week he bought an Aston Martin on it," she said. <br>Visit:

Ray J releases new video for single I Hit It First featuring a look-alike of sex tape partner Kim Kardashian

MediaTakeOut claims they have an explosive update on the story. The gossip blog alleges that Ray J will be releasing an I Hit It First part two, but instead of talking about Kim Kardashian, hell be referring to Floyds girlfriend Princess. The R&B singer released a single last year called I Hit It First basically a jab at K.K. and boyfriend Kanye Westclaiming he hit it (had sex with) Kim Kardashian before Yeezy did. <br>Visit:

Victoria's Secret model Doutzen Kroes shows off her perfect abs as she plays in the Miami surf with husband Sunnery James He later added: 'Wherever she goes, she knows she belongs in my bed.' Holding on: The rapper lays claim to a former love in the song, stating, 'she belongs in my bed' Who's that girl: The Kim look-alike was shown with the record signal on The two dated for five years before breaking up in 2007. The sex tape with Ray J nine years ago helped launched Kardashian's career. The curvy beauty has since said she was ashamed of the tape but rumours persist her mother Kris was behind the leaking of the tape to boost her fledgling career. Kim and her family have since shot to fame in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and have become ubiquitous fixtures on television. The Ray J video shows the Kim look-alike in bed with the rapper with a video camera's record button showing. <br>Visit:

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Microsoft Reveals Windows 8.1's Mysterious Movie Maker App, Othe

But after the infamous live-action Super Mario Bros. movie, Nintendo has been wary to move forward on adaptations ofany of its other properties. However, Eiji Aonuma -- the overseer of all things Hyrule -- said in a recent interview that if a Zelda movie were ever going to get made, it would have to be more than just your average sit-down movie. It would have to beinteractive. Choose your own Hyrule adventure? "This is something that me and Mr. Miyamoto talked about," Aonuma told Kotaku . <br>Source:

Neither original, nor entertaining, this Boss deserves to be fired! The problem here is that despite making those concessions - the movie requires that you apply neither common sense nor taste - 'Boss' is still a pretty forgettable film. Akshay Kumar bashes, slams, clobbers and punches his way through the 2 hours 24 minutes running time of this movie, even as the sound of every crunched bone and displaced jaw echoes through your ears. Akshay's playing 'Boss', a good-humored goonda who accepts a contract to bump off Shiv (Shaitaan's Shiv Pandit), an innocent fellow in love with a sadistic police officer's sister. The cop (Ronit Roy) has promised to marry his sister (Aditi Rao Hydari) to the idiot son of a corrupt minister he's in cahoots with. But 'Boss' learns that Shiv is in fact the brother he was estranged from when their father ( Mithun Chakraborty ) disowned him as a child. Directed by Anthony D'Souza, who helmed that awful underwater adventure 'Blue', this remake of the Malayalam hit 'Pokkiri Raja' is packed with lengthy flashbacks, cringe-inducing melodrama, and the kind of pedestrian dialogues that evoke memories of bad 80s potboilers. The action scenes are surprisingly gruesome, their effect amplified by the sound design. <br>Source:

The show debuted two years after the movie of the same name hit the big screen, but didn't pick up after the events of the film. "Working Girl" lasted only a few months as a midseason replacement. "Baby Boom" (1988) Starring Kate Jackson as J.C. Wiatt, the show based on the 1987 flick sent J.C. back to the corporate world after the film ended with the character back in Vermont. The sitcom lasted only eight episodes. <br>Source:

She is said to have accused her accuser of being an "enslaver." Perhaps this was attempted wit. But how odd that she might choose such terminology. Some might offer that she seems to be something of a slave not to the rhythm, but to her BlackBerry. In retaliation, one theater owner has decided that she should no longer be enslaved by the confines of a movie theater. The esteemed Alamo Drafthouse movie theater organization has decided to ban Madonna until she apologizes for her material tendencies. <br>Source:

Disputes like that are rare, however. The MPAA says between 3,000 and 4,000 movie titles are submitted per year. The organization then sends out notifications to its members and gives them 10 days to respond. That brings somewhere between 16,000 and 20,000 objections, the organization says, the vast majority of which are settled via negotiations between the companies or, as is more rare, via arbitration. Also read: 12 Years a Slave vs. <br>Source:

Oct 15, 2013 11:38am (Photo Credit: Evan Agostini/AP Photo) With Charlie Hunnam bowing out of the highly-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie this past weekend due to an immersive TV schedule, whats next for the female lead -Dakota Johnson? On Saturday, the studios behind paris hilton Kim Kardashian the film, Universal Pictures and Focus Features, released a statementstating, The filmmakers of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead. The statement continued that Hunnamdidnt have time to prepare for the role of Christian Greywhile also focusing on his show Sons of Anarchy. Read: Charlie Hunnam Drops out of Fifty Shades of Grey Movie But back in September after accepting the role, Hunnam, 33,suggested that he and Johnson, 24, who was cast as Anastasia Steele ,were the perfect match for the adaptation of the steamy book, especially in the eyes of director Sam Taylor-Johnson. We both suggested I do home page a reading with Dakota, who was[Taylor-Johnson's] favorite, Hunnam told reporters last month .As soon as we got in the room, I knew that I definitely wanted to do it. Theres just a tangible chemistry between us. It felt exciting and fun and weird and compelling. So, if it was the tangible chemistry between Johnson and Hunnam that locked theactors into dothe movie, does Hunnams departure mean Johnsons characterwill be recast as well? <br>Source:

Maintaining their goal of quickly responding to feedback from fans and customers, this was in response to the requests made by non-Hindi speaking Savita Bhabhi fans. Deshmukh, the founder of Kirtu said he did not want the movie to be confined only to the Bollywood/Hindi audience, adding, "My aim has always been to spread Savita Bhabhi far and wide. The English subtitled version will allow both non-Hindi speaking Indian audiences and International audiences to enjoy the Savita Bhabhi Movie" Deshmukh also mentioned that there were plans to dub the movie in both English and Tamil to further broaden its fan base. The original website was among the first Indian websites to be launched simultaneously in multiple Indian languages. An English subtitled version of the trailer of the movie is now available to view at <br>Source:

Meanwhile a "Photo Loop" mode has Camera capture a rapid succession of pictures from the second before you press the shutter button (spooky!) to one second after you press it again to end the shot, which allows you to choose the best photo of the bunch. You'll also be able to open Camera and take a quick pic straight from Windows 8.1's lock screen. Sadly, the Windows 8.1 Photos app has dumped the Facebook and Flickr integration found in the Windows 8 version, but it also packs a bevy of new editing tools, such as manual cropping, red-eye removal, color enhancement, and more. Tip of the iceberg The tweaks in Windows 8.1's creative apps are only the beginning. Virtually every app has been overhauled in the update, and several new apps have been baked into the operating system re-do. Check out PCWorld's definitive review of Windows 8.1 , then tune in tomorrow for even more coverage once Windows 8.1 hits the Windows Store at 7 A.M. <br>Source:

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Celebrities Take In Game 4 At Dodger Stadium

Its also about people using their money and power to influence change. If you want to take something out of a celebritys life, thats what is worth taking. Separate your trash. Recycle with a vengeance. Compost your organic waste. Reduce the use of water and electricity. <br>Source:

10/15/2013 3:19 PM ET Kardashian | Filed under: Legal Matters Megan Fox Photos! Ke$ha And here you thought they were just stealing our hearts! One of the biggest perks of being rich & famous is not worrying about how you'll pay kim kardashian without make up for that Slurpee and tasty looking Charleston Chew at the corner 7-Eleven! Unfortunately, just because celebz can afford life's loveliest luxuries doesn't mean they're always willing to pay for them!!! In fact, you'd be super surprised how many of your favorites were caught using the five fingered discount on everything from expensive jewelry to DVDs!!! CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Been Caught Shoplifting!" CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Been Caught Shoplifting!" CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Been Caught Shoplifting!" CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Been Caught Shoplifting!" CLICK HERE for the gallery, "Celebrities Who've Been Caught Shoplifting!" <br>Source:

Also on the list is former Disney star Lindsay Lohan. The red head has gone through a lot of changes and you can see it in her recent photos where she has had a couple of injections to her lips to enhance these. The older Lohan looks too old for her age, she should have just stuck to being the happy little girl everyone remembers from the parent trap or Cadie Heron from the movie Mean Girls. One shocking turn is Lil' Kim, the rapper used to look chic in her looks until she decided to get tons of plastic surgery on her face. Other celebrities on the list have just matured into looking beautiful such as Nichole Kidman. <br>Source:

"Fans love to know about the likes, wants and must-haves of their favorite celebrities," noted Carolyn Hennesy, a style-setting actress known for her roles as Rosalyn Harris on True Blood and Diane Miller on General Hospital. "WishClouds gets them not only up close and personal, but gives them the best opportunity to take advantage of sales on select celeb 'crushes,' sometimes even before the celeb themselves!" "I'm extremely excited to use WishClouds, and I know my readers will be excited as well," said Jamie Stone, founder and editor of "I love that the app has price tracking capabilities and will send you an email when something that you've 'wished' for goes on sale - truly innovative and ingenious." Users can follow the WishClouds of celebrity "Tastemakers" to stay on top of the trends, personalize their own unlimited WishClouds with photos and share their WishClouds through social networks. About WishClouds WishClouds is a social shopping app that lets people "know without fail, when things go on sale". Users save products they want from their favorite stores and the app alerts them when those products go on sale. The app also offers trending product discovery, social sharing, and price-tracking of millions of products from top retailers. Users can also see the favorite trends and products of Celebrity Tastemakers. WishClouds is built on a patent-pending technology platform powered by its parent company, Commerce Data Science, Inc. <br>Source:

"The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart," Kutcher said at this year's Teen Choice Awards. Conan O'Brien graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. Pete Marovich-Pool/Getty Images Conan O'Brien was a history and literature major at Harvard University, where the school newspaper dubbed him the "pre-eminent jokester" of the class of '85. It makes sense, as he was also the president of the Harvard Lampoon, a semi-secret social organization that published a humor magazine. His 72-page senior thesis, entitled " The 'Old Child' in Faulkner and OConnor ," argued that "the New Souths emerging identity is manifested in the literature of William Faulkner and Flannery OConnor via the motif of children that age too quickly." Cindy Crawford studied chemical engineering on scholarship at Northwestern University. Jason Merritt/Getty Images Cindy Crawford, who graduated as the valedictorian of her high school class, signed her first modeling contract in 1984 . Initially she used the money to supplement her scholarship to attend Northwestern University, but she ditched school to launch her career. <br>Source:

It's definitely different once you get to know some of the players off the field and then get to see some of them play." This appears to be a good pairing, seeing how much ballplayers like to golf. An argument could be made that a large chunk of today's ballplayers actually may like golf a little more than baseball. "There's probably a very good chance of that," Fowler said. "I know a lot of the pitchers do spend a lot of time golfing. It's a great way to spend some off time -- not just baseball players, but there's a lot of other athletes that I'm friends with that love to be out at the golf course." The challenge, Fowler surmised, is a big draw for athletes. <br>Source: >]content

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W. Orange Man Objects To Synagogue Ban

Kim K I have enjoyed that, even when we have not agreed with regard to taxation of business property. Richard Forschler, a partner at the Faegre Baker Daniels law firm, has worked closely with Rakow on tax issues at the Kim Kardashian Superstar Capitol throughout her tenure at NAIOP. Shes very bright and she has a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm, Forschler said. That goes a long way towards being successful. Beth Kadoun, director Kim K of tax and fiscal policy at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, cites an overhaul of the states property tax system in 2001 under Gov. Jesse Ventura as among the most important accomplishments of Rakows tenure at NAIOP. Those changes allowed the state to get rid of the dubious distinction of having the highest commercial property taxes in the country. <br>More:

28, Stockton Christian Church. Anthony (Tony) Kaye West, 65, passed away Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013. Kim K Tony was born in Needmore, Mo., near Stockton, March 1, 1948 to John and Ruby West of Stockton. kAm%@?J DFCG:G65 3J 9:D D@?[ y2CC@5 }2E92? <br>More:

I believe we have a moral imperative as leaders in the community to listen when people come to you and express their thoughts and concerns. He added, Without being judge and jury, we just feel it is not appropriate for him to be in a shul here for the foreseeable future. Spivak added, We did as much research as we could, and we spoke to multiple alleged victims to verify the credibility of the people making the allegations. We didnt take this action lightly. But we have a moral responsibility to protect people in our community who are vulnerable. Kayes lawyers object that their clients reputation has been sullied without due process or in accordance with Halacha, Jewish law. [O]nce the Rabbis' announcement was published on the listserve, individuals receiving the listserve communication were empowered to further disseminate it, Kemenczy wrote in an e-mail to NJJN. <br>More:

Rita (poyle) Kaye December 16, 1995 KAYE. Rita (Poyle) Kaye of West Hartford, widow of Maurice Kaye, who died in 1991, died Thursday (December 14, 1995) at home. She was a retired employee of the Pettigrew Co. in West Hartford and was a long time volunteer at Hartford Hospital. <br>More:

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